The Food


Forget everything you think you know about the sub sandwich. Planet Sub isn’t your typical sub topped with meats or veggies that have been sitting out for hours (maybe even days?) sweating under a plastic awning. We strive to make food that’s authentic, healthy, and delicious. From our fresh-baked; made from scratch bread, to the fresh veggies that top our handmade sandwiches, whenever you take a bite of a sub sandwich from PSUB, remember that every component of your meal was selected with your experience in mind. This is why we make our Guacamole and sauces from scratch, and slice our meats, veggies, and cheeses daily.

Stop in Planet Sub today to taste a sub sandwich unlike any you’ve tried.

Convenient, But Specially-Crafted

Even though we craft each sub sandwich quickly for the convenience of our customers, we take care when creating our menu and selecting ingredients. Our bread is mixed in the store from scratch, rolled out by hand, and baked daily for top freshness, and the ingredients that top each sub sandwich are at their peak, too. We’re not just another sandwich shop that tosses together your meal to hustle you out the door. We’re passionate about creating our food, and it shows.

Think Beyond the Sub Sandwich

Another thing: even though it’s in our name and a big part of our business, the sub sandwich isn’t the only food we make great. PSUB also creates salads, wraps (both tortilla and romaine), soups, and cookies that will keep you coming back to our doors. Like our subs, these foods are made with integrity and care. We only serve food we love to eat ourselves.

Call to order a delicious sub sandwich, salad, wrap, or soup today — or drop in to have a bite, too.