About Us


Since the first restaurant opened its doors in 1998, there’s always been something different about Planet Sub, and Planet Sub is proud to be a part of the legacy that sets PSUB apart. We’re not just a standard sandwich shop, and that’s not just because of our bread made daily from scratch or the fresh ingredients we combine in uncommon ways. It’s the culture, the way we give our customers a break from the droning grind of the corporate cookie cutter lifestyle we have all become so accustomed to, that really makes PSUB different from any other restaurant.
At Planet Sub , we want you to know the story behind our sandwich shop. We think our customers should understand our commitment to creating the freshest food that’s still quick, convenient, and most of all, delicious. We’re so confident in the quality and craftsmanship displayed at our restaurant that some might even call us cocky — but we don’t mind. After all, the fast-food restaurant biz won’t be revolutionized without a bold proclamation: the people of deserve better than frozen, preservative-packed sandwiches. You won’t find that garbage at our restaurant — not now, not ever.

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